STARLINE - The Beach Boys on 45


Very little is known about Beach Boys releases from Finland. But thanks to a fellow collector from Finland we can give you some insight on Finnish releases. Finnish singles on Capitol were pressed by the local manufacturer calledWesterlund. Until 1966 these were released with purple labels which clearly mention the Westerlund company and the country Finland. In late 1966 this changed with a black Capitol label. The Finnish black Capitol label used the swedish label paper so the rim text is in Swedish. The differences are that N.C.B is unboxed and there is no C.C. marking. Also the year of release is absent until 1968 (this is estimated based on other releases from that era). Interesting enough, these differences (NBC, CC and year) also apply to Finnish Parlophone and Columbia labels after they switched to black labels. 







F 4932: Surfin' U.S.A. / Shut Down

- this single was released with a picture sleeve, almost identical to the Swedish one, but with the mentioning of the Finnish manufacturer Westerlund.


F5009: Surfer Girl / Little Deuce Coupe


F 5464: California Girls / Let Him Run Wild


4F 198: Sloop John B. / Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow

CL 15475: Good Vibrations / Wendy

- this single also exists with a black Capitol label (similar to the ones shown below)


CL 15502: Then I Kissed Her / Mountain Of Love


5826: Heroes And Villains / You're Welcome