STARLINE - The Beach Boys on 45



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EAP 1-20576: Ballad Of An Old Car - Ballad Of Ole' Betsy + In My Room / Lonely Sea + Spirit Of America

EAP 1-20762: Barbara Ann + Girl Don't Tell Me / The Little Girl I Once Knew + There's No Other (Like My Baby)


EAP 1-20812: Sloop John B. + You're So Good To Me / Mountain Of Love + Alley Oop

CLF 5676: Good Vibrations / Let's Go Away For Awhile

- both tracks are pressed on side B

No 14173: You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone / Cuddle Up

14.448: It's OK / Had To Phone Ya


2013297: Rock 'N' Roll To The Rescue / Good Vibrations

- blank labels