STARLINE - The Beach Boys on 45

  Capitol - black vinyl  
  Capitol - coloured vinyl  


Like many of the European countries, Greece took the time to press and release it's own Beach Boys records. For the most part there are few surprises here, as most of the releases follow the pairings and serial numbers of the US Singles. Singles which didn't follow the US releases, were numbered using a "CG" prefix. Many of these have different pairings, which are not usually found elsewhere. The most notable unique Greek pairing are the two LP tracks from the SHUT DOWN VOLUME TWO album. "Shut Down Part II" b/w "Denny's Drums" make up one of the oddest Beach Boys' singles found anywhere in the world. We've not seen either title on a 7" format anywhere else, which is not to say, either title doesn't appear in this format elsewhere. Thanks to our good friend John B. for sharing scans from his collection for this website.

At a later time, perhaps in 1967, it also appears the Greek releases started to reflect and mimic those released in the UK. The "Do It Again" b/w "Wake The World" single uses the UK Serial number.

Also, in Greece, during the 1960s, it was also very common to find many releases by many artists on this unique colored vinyl variation. On the few we've located thus far and included, again the pairings follow the US releases, except for the "Darlin'" b/w "Country Air" issue, which copies the UK release and serial number. We expect to find more Beach Boys' releases on this colored vinyl format, as many titles in our Greek section appear to be missing.