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BR MUSIC, founded January 1st 1983 by Bert van Breda, currently is the leading oldies specialist in the Benelux, compiling and producing cd and dvd projects for all the recordcompanies. Also BR Music controls over 1400 original masters from the 60ís through the 90ís, available for licensing worldwide for compilations, films, commercials, tv-series etc. Most of our tracks are available as download on iTunes. See also

In 1987 - when vinyl was still released on the Dutch music market - two Beach Boys reissue singles were released.




45214: Sloop John B. / I Can Hear Music (1987)

45246: Good Vibrations / God Only Knows (1987)

Note: the original Dutch 1966 cover for God Only Knows / Wouldn't It Be Nice is recycled here.

- first variation: Made In Holland

- second variation: Made In E.E.C.



Unknown Dutch label: This late 70ies label is a total mystery. The sleeve - obviously a Dutch product - doesn't mention anything on the local company that printed them. Due the recent discoveries of the copies shown here we know that there are at least three Beach Boys releases. The single itself makes it clear that it's low budget reissue with an imported US-single release. The specific singles shown here is the GRE 0103 Good Vibrations / Heroes And Villains Warner reissue of the Back to Back Hits series + 5602 Sloop John B. / You're So Good To Me (Capitol reissue). It is assumed that the release missing here is the GRE 0107 release. Most probably these US-singles - due to stock-overload - were shipped to The Netherlands where a cheap picture sleeve was hastily added.




182 (GRE 0107) - I Can Hear Music / Bluebirds Over The Mountain < probably exists >  

183 (GRE 0103) - Good Vibrations / Heroes And Villains




212 (5602) - Sloop John B. / You're So Good To Me





620 (????) - Surfin' Safari / Surfer Girl

< probably exists >