STARLINE - The Beach Boys on 45

New Zealand
Regular Regular (continued)  
Capitol Brother/Reprise Caribou (CBS)
1962-1964  (purple label) 1972-1978  
1965-1967  (purple label)   Reissues (stock and promo)
1968-1969  (orange and yellow swirl label) Caribou Capitol
1970 (red-orange target label) 1979-1985  
1981-now   Solo
  EP's Brian Wilson
Stateside Capitol Mike Love
1970-1971 Reprise Dennis Wilson



Most collectors know, any record titles pressed in New Zealand are usually done in such low or limited quantities, many argue whether some titles even exist in this country or not. And because of this, most Beach Boys records from New Zealand are very difficult to find. As for song titles, most follow the USA pairings, but as can be expected, there are a few differences. We also note the labels we show with stickers saying "A side" (on the A-side label) and "NZBC" (on the B-side). We’ve been informed the “NZBC” stands for the “New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation”, which owned virtually all the radio stations in NZD until the early 1970s. These stickered examples are “stock” pressings usually used “on the air” or kept in the radio station library. Sometimes a sticker was also added with a particular radio station’s call letters, for example, “1XH” (which was a well known station based in Hamilton), to identify what station used it. These examples can be even more difficult to find, and at this point, we do not display one.