There are quite a few releases from Thailand which include songs by the Beach Boys. The Thailand issues are broken down into the different eras which the records were released. Most of the records we have found and show are EPs, which contain songs from 4 different artists, including one from the Beach Boys. It's hard to say whether or not these EP's are legitimate releases, as many appear to be cheaply pressed and most of the labels are unknown, and certainly not associated with Capitol or Warner Brothers/Reprise Records. Adding to this, most of these labels and sleeves lack any information regarding composer credits, publishing credits and on most, other notations found on most legitimate releases. These pressings are somewhat amateurish, and come across more as “bootlegs” rather than anything which may have been authorized as an official or legitimate release. There are two EPs pressed on the Capitol Records label, which many have suggested are “authorized” releases. There has been much discussion and controversy among collectors as to the country of manufacture and release for these two EPs. Of these two EPs, we show two variations of the GIRLS ON THE BEACH EP, and offer a well researched article which addresses and discusses many of the facts and myths about this release. We have provided new information we found and other information shared with us, which will hopefully offer some new insights and thoughts about the origin of this EP. With the limited information available for all of these Thailand releases, we hope, as least, to give you a clearer understanding on how some of these records came to be issued. As always, if you can offer anything for this section which is missing, please contact us. We appreciate any information provided to us, to make this website more complete and accurate for everyone.