STARLINE - The Beach Boys on 45

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There are quite a few Beach Boys’ releases from Thailand. We have mostly found EPs, which contain songs from 4 different artists, including one from the Beach Boys. It's hard to say whether or not these EP's are legitimate releases, as many appear to be cheaply pressed and most of the labels are unknown, and certainly not associated with Capitol Records or Warner Brothers/Reprise. Adding to this, most of these labels and sleeves lack any information regarding composer credits, publishing credits and on most, the total time for each track. These pressings are somewhat amateurish, and come across more as “bootlegs” than anything which may have been authorized as an official release.

But there are exceptions. There are two Capitol Records Label EP's included in this section, which might be legitimate releases. And there is a lot of discussion and controversy among collectors as to their origin of manufacture and country of release for these two EPs.

Thus, we will shortly offer a write up, which will discuss many things about these two releases, and address some of the facts and some of the myths and put to rest some of the speculation some have offered in the past. We hope to provide some accuracy using new information which has been shared with us, since we first posted the GIRLS ON THE BEACH EP in the USA section many months ago. Please stay tuned, as we’re double checking some of the information, and setting it up in a write up which will hopefully be easy to follow and understand.

We also decided, to present the Thailand releases using the era in which the records were released. This might provide a clearer understanding on when these items came to be issued. We also know there are others available, which we haven’t included. If you can offer anything for this section, which we’re missing, please contact us. We appreciate any information provided to us, to make this website more complete for everyone.