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1969 Pirelli calender & EP

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Starting in the early 1960s, Pirelli Tires has issued a yearly calendar featuring beautiful women and at times, their products. The 1969 Pirelli Calendar was extremely popular as it featured photos showing an urban beach lifestyle and nowadays has become a much sought collectible. This calendar features images taken by the famous photographer Harri Peccinotti, who took his photos in many California locations, including San Diego and Big Sur, and without using any professional models, but rather the locals he found at each location he visited.

There are separate photos on cards, as well as a card for each month, which were made to resemble car registration plates and were hung on hooks on a plastic backing board. These photos and month cards were interchangeable. Also, the back cover sleeve of this Beach Boys’ EP (as shown below) indicates a postcard to be filled and sent back to RSVP an event at a restaurant when they apparently launched the calendar in the UK. Seems these EPs were only sent to people with connections in the media or tire industry. Sorry, we don’t have a example of the postcard, but we have included the images from the calendar, including close-ups of those showing some of the beach scenes. Many of these scenes added to making this calendar an iconic symbol of the swinging sixties. It clearly conveys the California lifestyle which the Beach Boys’ sang about! We’re happy to see the Beach Boys’ connected to this unique and cool item.




EAP1-20540: Surfin' USA EP - Surfin' USA + Shut Down / Surfer Girl + Surfin' Safari

- This EP was sent out to promote the launch of the 1969 Pirelli Calendar at Alvaro's Dell' Restaurant, 107 Kings Road, Chelsea on 4 Dec 1968 at three pm. It actually is the same record as The Surfin' USA EP EAP 20540. (same matrix 20540-IN, see also the Capitol EP's page). A new label showing a big 69 is pasted over the old one still showing the rim of the original green Capitol label. [information courtesy of]