STARLINE - The Beach Boys on 45

USA Starline

Rainbow label

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The rainbow-label was (re-)introduced in July 1983 for all 45-releases, and was also used for the Starline-series. This label was used until the summer of 1988.

The X-prefix - as introduced on the blue label - is also used here.


As for the label's layout. It hasn't been thoroughly researched, but there are a few differences to be noticed:

- The location of the (X-prefix) registration number: either left or right.

- Both a large and a normal X-prefix is used.

- The "original released" date is positioned either below or right.

- The "Arranged" and/or "produced" by Brian Wilson notation is sometimes used; it an be positioned on the left, right, or below side of the label.

- The label mentions both Mono, Stereo, or nothing at all.

Also on a few labels a different font type can be found and - agian, the prefix X exists in both a larger, a normal, and a smaller format. But as it seems, each release has it's unique lay-out; variations for a single 45 apparently don't exist.


As if to welcome the 80ies, again the sleeve was changed... and the Starline-logo as well! The sleeve has turned into a simple grey coloured sleeve with on top the brand new Starline-logo in a slightly lighter coloured grey. In te right-below corner the Capitol dome-logo is shown in white. Gone are the words "SUPER OLDIES" and "Biggest hits by the brightest stars"...








X-6059 - Be True To Your School/In My Room

X-6081 - Help Me, Rhonda/Do You Wanna Dance?
X-6094 - Surfin’ U.S.A./Shut Down
X-6095 - Surfin’ Safari/409
X-6105 - Dance, Dance, Dance/Warmth Of The Sun
X-6106 - Fun, Fun, Fun/Why Do Fools Fall In Love
X-6107 - Surfer Girl/Little Deuce Coupe

X-6204 - When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)/She Knows Me Too Well

X-6205 - Wendy/Little Honda

X-6259 - Barbara Ann/Little Honda
X-6277 - Little Saint Nick/The Lord's Prayer
X-6280 - I Get Around/Don't Worry Baby
X-6289 - California Girls/Let Him Run Wild
X-6295 - Sloop John B/You're So Good To Me
X-6330 - Good Vibrations/Wouldn't It Be Nice