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Starline Red Target label

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Red Target label - no Subsidiary notation Red Target label - with Subsidiary notation  


An introduction

Capitol started re-issuing the Beach Boys singles on the Starline-label from January 1967. Until 1972 re-issues would appear on the red target label.


Like the earlier releases on the green swirl label, two pressing plants were responsible for delivering these series on the Starline label: Scranton, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles, California.

Two different series have appeared on the red target label, almost identical, but on the second series an additional "Subsidiary" notation was added.

The first series on the red target label has the notation "MFD BY CAPITOL RECORDS. INC. . U.S.A. T.M. Capitol MARCA REG." on the bottom edge of the label. Both a white and a black font colour were used. The second series has the notation "MFD BY CAPITOL RECORDS. INC., A SUBSIDIARY OF CAPITOL INDUSTRIES. INC. U.S.A. T.M. Capitol MARCA REG. U.S. PAT. NO. 2,631,859" on the bottom edge of the label. For this series only a black font colour was used.

Another continuation in differences (compared to the green swirls) is the use of different font types, or maybe it's better to say variations on the same font type. Four different variations can be distinguished: thick short, thick tall, skinny short, and skinny tall. One would hope these cause differences could be connected to different pressing plants, but both Scranton and Los Angeles used different font types.

A few other details can be mentioned, for example the use of the "non skid ridge" around the label, the location of the serial numner (right or bottom), and a few other exceptions. These will be explained in a more extensive introduction on the Red Target label.


The company sleeve that was used for these re-issues was a red sleeve with 2 white circles. On top the (new) Starline logo is shown; in the red and white (inner) ring is mentioned "The biggest hits by the brightest stars" and "SUPER OLDIES" respectively.