STARLINE - The Beach Boys on 45


Million Seller label

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Only little is known about these releases. Several collectors that have this 45 (these 45's) in their collection assume this is a low budget release from Hollywood, California. A Canadian collector recalls though that this is a Canadian label from Toronto, Ontario (being an earlier version of Underground Records). For now we have stalled these scans in the USA-section. It is roughly estimated that these low-budget releases were pressed in either the late 70ies or the early 80ies.

The owner of the singles pictured here happened to be fortunate enough to find two different releases on this same label. If there are more, we hope to picture them later on.

If you happen to know more about these 45's, or the label, we'd be delighted if you send us an e-mail at






303 - Good Vibration/God Only Knows

304 - Help Me, Rhonda/Barbara Ann