STARLINE - The Beach Boys on 45


Scepter/Wand Forever label

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Scepter Records is a record company founded in 1959 by Florence Greenberg. She had just sold Tiara Records with The Shirelles for $4000 to Decca Records. When The Shirelles didn't produce any hits for Decca, they were given back to Greenberg, who promptly signed them. By 1961 Greenberg launched a subsidiary Wand Records. Another related label was Citation Records, "a Scepter Records subsidiary/series that featured a fake gold record on every cover, advertising the 'best of' (Joe) Tex, Flip Wilson, Deep Purple, Wilson Pickett, the Isley Brothers, and anything else they could lease (or own the rights to)." In 1976 Florence Greenberg decided to retire from the business and sold her record labels to Springboard International. When Springboard went bankrupt, Gusto Records acquired the catalog.

Wand Records was started by Florence Greenberg in 1961 as a subsidiary of Scepter Records. Artists on Wand Records included artists like The Isley Brothers and The Kingsmen. The Kingsmen acquired full ownership of their Wand catalog in court from Gusto for nonpayment of royalties.

Also check out for more information on the story of Scepter / Wand.


In 1973 (exact date unknown) the Scepter/Wand Forever label released a Beach Boys 45 containing yet another Hite Morgan combi. And - O.K. - although the label's layout has changed, one can't miss some similarities with the re-issue pictured on the Forever Oldies page: the catalogue number is practically the same...






SWF 21,082 - Surfin' Safari/Surfer Girl