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The idea for making this website started with a simple question on the SmileySmile-forum in May 2009. Yours truly thought he'd ask a question on the Starline-label, thinking it would be an easy series of 45's to collect. Did I know what can of worms I'd open. After only a few days it became clear you'd have to be a long time, hard core Beach Boys collector to even have an idea of what's around in Starline-land. Several Beach Boys fans started giving all information available to them and soon the idea started to gather all this information and form it into a website to give both the serious and curious collector a good picture of all Beach Boys releases in the U.S., and later on other countries as well

Many thanks go to everyone helping out on this project. And these include Dogbone51, JeffRetro (†), Beach Head, tokensurfer, Brother 1002, Steve Mayo, Lee, Chris, Frank, Gary, John Villanova, Michel (Da Capo Records) (†), Bas, Gabriël, Manfred, Mark K., Andre (from Germany), Manfred, Uwe Rüther, Harald, Harvey, Mike G., Ralph R. (for his UK Scans), John B., Duane Z, Harvey Williams, Gerard Hubert, Frank Beuret, Charlie Dontsurf, Jon, B., Chris (UK Vinyl Vault Records), Rick Bartlett, Robert Prince, Tom Mc Loughlin, Riku, The Old Guy, MB, Richard 'Rip' Gooch, jegb, John D., Josep Gomis, bengtc, Nick Guy, Jim Burke, and Panayiotis. Many years of collecting, as many hours of scanning and their more than valuable information make this website possible. Also a big "thank you" to the SmileySmile-forum where the idea of making this website all started.

If you'd like to respond, give comment, have questions, etc., why not send us an e-mail?   CONTACT US

And if you'd like to join the discussion on this subject or have additional information on the Starline label (in general or on the Beach Boys specifically), please feel free to visit the SmileySmile-messageboard. The topic on Starline-reissues on the this forum can be found here!



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