Latest additions

2020-01-08 Thailand - EP's Reprise era: TK 772 - Pick Of The Pop Vol. 41 (a.o. California Saga / California)

2020-01-08 Thailand - EP's Capitol era: CLS 940 - The Young Rascals (a.o. Little Honda); CT 838 - "Six Great Hits" (a.o. Little Honda)

2019-11-29 US Starline Tan C-ARR:  6107 - Surfer Girl (label variation)

2019-11-29 Rhodesia / Zimbabwe - Capitol: 45-JCL 276 - The Little Girl I Once Knew

2019-11-03 Rhodesia / Zimbabwe - Capitol: JCL 324 - Then I Kissed Her (2 label variations); JCL 329: -Heroes And Villains (label variation)

2019-11-03 Rhodesia / Zimbabwe: we previously announced that we'd move most of the TRI-centered Capitol singles, that were shown on the South African section, to the Rhodesia / Zimbabwe section... and we finally took the time to do so. In fact - to keep it simple - we moved all TRI-centered singles. Which doesn't mean the early 60ies singles with a TRI-center were only pressed in Rhodesia; there were probably still factories in South Africa using these TRI centers as well. But somewhere in the mid 60ies this definitely ended.

2019-10-30 Rhodesia / Zimbabwe - CBS: EN 1926 - Lady Lynda (promo stamped); EN 5848 - Getcha Back (company sleeve added)

2019-10-30 Rhodesia / Zimbabwe - Reprise: R21-234 - Rock And Roll Music (label variation)

2019-10-30 Germany - Capitol EP's: K41649 Beach Boys Best juke box strip

2019-02-24: Due to a lot of discussion regarding South African and (South) Rhodesian singles it is decided that most of the Capitol single with a TRI-center are moved to the Rhodesian section. More on this will be explained on the Capitol page under Rhodesia.

2019-02-24 Portugal - Related: Western Justice 8E 006-25092 - Cry Child Cry