Latest additions

2017-11-08 In case you wondered; we're still busy working on this website, albeit more on the background. Currently we're working on some new scans we want to add in the next couple of months. And were experimenting a bit on improvements in our presentation of all countries (check out the Indian section for example).

2017-08-22 A new Thailand section: the long-awaited "Girls On The Beach" EP article has just been added !!

2017-05-07 U.S. Regular - BW productions/involvement other artists: Annette - F-433 - Muscle Beach Party; Paul Petersen - CP-720 - She Rides With Me (promo, 3rd label variation); Ron Wilson - 4-44636 - I'll Keep On Loving You (promo-stickered)

2017-05-07 U.S. Regular - Solo other artists: Annette - F-440 - The Monkey's Uncle; Julio Iglesias - 38-04726 - The Air That I Breathe

2017-05-04 U.K. - 1969 Pirelli EP: EP and calendar

2017-05-01 Sweden - Capitol 66-70: 4E 006-80442 M - Cottonfields (sleeve variation)