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Brother-Reprise (1970-1975) Brother-Reprise (1976-1978)


An introduction

We're still working on an introduction on the Brother-Reprise label... but we do want to share a bit of information though on the change in layout of the label in 1976...


In 1976 Warner Bros. Records made a few changes on the layout of their single releases on the Brother-Reprise label.

First of all Warner Bros changed the rim print wording: the good ol'e "WARNER BROS. RECORDS INC., A SUBSIDIARY AND LICENSEE OF WARNER BROS. INC.   MADE IN U.S.A." was first changed in "Reprise Records, a division of Warner Bros. Records Inc. * 3300 Warner Blvd., Burbank, Calif. 91505 * a Warner Communications Company * W * Made in U.S.A.".

This lasted only for a short period, as almost directly after that the same text was used but with a change op the postal code: 91505 was changed in 91510. It is unclear whether or not the first postal code was an error. But there was a second change: a new font type was now used. Until mid 1976 we were used to a big font type, that had several formats that varied from large (to medium) to small. This however was changed into a smaller and broader font type.

And last it appears that with that change in lay out the symbols similar to what Capitol used in the deadwax to indicate the pressing plant are visible on the new issues.These include Los Angeleas, Winchester and Jacksonville. This rises the question if there's a connection between the change of layout and perhaps a change of pressing plants.

For Beach Boys releases these changes start with the release of RPS 1354 Rock And Roll Music and RPS 1368 It's O.K.. Both releases were first released with the old label's lay out, but were also released with the the new lay out (both with the 91505 and 91510 ZIP code). Though it must be noted that the font type changed a bit later: for later releases of Rock And Roll Music a small font type was used, but the new - broader - font type first occurs with the RPS 1368 It's O.K. release.


Based on the release dates and chart info we have of both singles we are able to give a rough estimation of the change of layout.

- RPS 1453 Rock And Roll Music / TM Song was released on May 24th 1976, charted on June 5th, got as high as #5 on August 14th and ended at #98 on October2nd.

- RPS 1368 It's O.K. / Had To Phone Ya was released on August 9th 1976, charted on August 21st, peaked at #29 in October 29th, and dropped from the charts on October 30th.

This results in the following time frame: