STARLINE - The Beach Boys on 45

USA regular issues
1960ies 1970ies Solo
Candix / X (1961) Brother-Reprise (1970-1978) Brian Wilson
  Brother-Reprise (1970-1978) - promo Dennis Wilson
Capitol 60ies Reprise (1970-1975) Carl Wilson
a short introduction Reprise (1970-1975) - promo Mike Love / Celebration / Mike & Dean
Picture Sleeves (1962-1965) Brother-Reprise EP (including promos) Al Jardine
Picture Sleeves (1965-1967)   Bruce Johnston
Labels 1962-63 Brother-Reprise promotional releases David Marks
Labels 1964   Blondie Chaplin
Labels 1965 Caribou / CBS (1979-1985) Other artists or backing vocals
Labels 1966-1967 Caribou / CBS (1979-1985) - promo  
Labels 1968-1970   Beach Boys involvement

Other 1970s and 1980s promotional releases

Capitol Jukebox EP's   Brian Wilson productions or involvement
(Capitol) Testpressings 1980-90ies / 2012 The Honeys
Promo's 1967-1970 Capitol (1981-1990) (American) Spring
Promotional 45's and EP's Capitol (1981-1990) - promo (incl. promotional 45's) Other artists
Capitol Records promo items Capitol 2011-2012 (including testpressings) Non BW-productions (despite previous rumours)
Brother Records (1967) Other labels (1986-1989) Carl Wilson productions
  Other labels (1986-1989) - promo (including testpressings) The Flame
Ode (1970)   Ricci Martin
  Bootlegs Bruce Johnston production or involvement
  Pocket Discs  
  Flexi singles Otherwise related
    Murry Wilson


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