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PRO 422 - Radio Spots for BEACH BOYS SUNFLOWER Reprise Album RS 6382 STEREO / "same" MONO

- September 1970 release that includes three 60-second radio spots promoting the Sunflower album and featuring music from the album

PRO 534 - Voter Registration Spots EP

- this EP was released in the Summer of 1972 to activate people to register to vote. The B-side includes contributions by DEnnis Wilson, Carl Wilson, Ricky Fataar, Mike Love, and Alan Jardine

- a note was enclosed with the record

PRO 557 RECORD 2 - Sail On Sailor / The Trader

- This record was part of a 4-record promo set, called "January Preview Pack" (released in January 1973), and was sent to radio stations to allow them to preview a couple of albums.

Brother Records special services BB1 - The Beach Boys In Concert -- Radio Spot Back Tracks

- This 45 was given to radio stations in cities where The Beach Boys would be appearing. The record contains three collages of Beach Boys songs over which a DJ could dub a plug for a concert.

- The tracks are 10, 30, and 60 seconds in length, but are non-concert album cuts. The tracks that are used are: Good Vibrations, Marcella, Student Demonstration Time, Wouldn't It Be Nice, Surf's Up, and Sloop John B.