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In this section you will find something we have been given the opportunity to share.  One of our nice collector friends, had these in his collection, and thought they were an interesting "curio" to share with those who view our website.  We're grateful for his kindness, and also for the depth of his collection.  We do understand and are surprised, that for the most part, these sheets have survived, as most were probably quickly thrown away upon receipt. 

Three are original Rush Release Sheets, which were created then photocopied by Capitol Records and included inside the package which contained the New Beach Boys' released promo singles.  Note that the Rush Release sheet for 5676, actually has a hand written note by Bruce Johnston!!!  Also, the Sheet for Brother 1002 is simply a "New Single Release" Sheet, which quite nicely describes "Gettin' Hungry".  Must have been really difficult for the Rep who wrote it to really promote the record, which didn't really "hit" much, at the time.

Also the "Darlin' " promo record, has a rare sticker on the sleeve which was probably something added, after they left the factory; or maybe just applied haphazardly to which ever side was up in the pile of sleeves. Definitely a "rare" find.

We hope anyone else with other rare promotional items, will contact us to share. (the Party!! potato chips bag anyone?)





Rush Release Sheet nr. 1022

- 5540 - The Little Girl I Once Knew / There's No Other (Like My Baby)


Rush Release Sheet nr. 1037

- 5610 - Caroline, No / Summer Means New Love

Rush Release Sheet nr. 1070

- 5676 - Good Vibrations / Let's Go Away For Awhile

Rush Release Sheet nr. 1110

- Brother Release B-1001 - Heroes And Villains / You're Welcome

Rush Release Sheet nr. 1114

- Brother Release B-1002 - Gettin' Hungry / Devoted To You


Sticker "Contains hit single Darlin' "added to the sleeve

- P2068 - Darlin' / Here Today