STARLINE - The Beach Boys on 45


Warner Reprise label

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Other reissues (RPS - series) - promo's


In the early 70ies Warner Brothers, having the rights to the Beach Boys catalogue of their 1966-1970 Capitol-output, also started a reissue programme. Most of them were released under the Back-to-Back series (see US Warner reissues Back to Back). But a few had a separate catalogue number (RPS instead of GRE), being drawn specifically from an album reissue or best-of album, see Other reissues (RPS-series). Of those RPS-reissues, promo's were also released, which can be found on this page.





RPS 1310 - I Can Hear Music (STEREO)/I Can Hear Music (MONO) (Sept. 2nd 1974)


RPS 1336 - Wouldn't It Be Nice (STEREO)/Wouldn't It Be Nice (MONO)